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Voting in Pennsylvania and our role in this next election is so important it is regularly on the national news. On National Voter Registration Day here are some current updates on voting in Pennsylvania and what to look out for over the next few months.

When was the last time you checked your voter registration? Take a moment to look now to be sure you are a registered voter and that all your information is up to date and correct. It takes only a moment to make sure, just visit:

If you or someone you know are not registered to vote there are four ways to register to vote in Pennsylvania:

 You only have until October 19th to Register to Vote in this election.

 In this unprecedented time, there have been lawsuits from the Trump administration to try and limit our ability to cast votes. Only a few days ago the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided that mail-in ballots will be counted up to three days after election day. We are still waiting to hear a very important decision on whether ballots can be ‘pre-canvassed,’ which means the ballots mailed in can begin to be processed a few days prior to November 3rd. They would still not be counted until election day.

 After you register – make your plan to vote! This year all Pennsylvanians have the option to request to vote by mail. You can directly request your mail-in ballot online or print a paper application to complete and return. Your county will mail you a ballot, including prepaid return postage.

 If you are voting by mail, request your ballot here today.

 As soon as it arrives complete the ballot carefully following all of the instructions, including inclosing it in the proper envelopes and signing in the appropriate places. Then return the ballot as soon as possible. You may track your mail-in ballot by going to this website:

We will continue to post updates of election information because it is crucial that we mobilize our union sisters and brothers across Pennsylvania to vote this year for AFL-CIO endorsed candidates. We need the help of members across every sector to make this happen. Get involved with the election by signing up to volunteer at this link:

 **Thank you to Aja Beech for her contributions to this article**